Using Dirt to Create Green Architecture

Earth Sheltered Home

Earth Berm Sketch

There are a lot of Green insulation materials available today.  The best Green materials are recycled materials such as cellulose & denim.  However, these materials require energy to recycle the materials, energy to produce the insulation, energy to transport the insulation and finally, energy to install the materials.  Interestingly, mankind has grown accustom to using these materials as the only form of dwelling insulation.  Why not use a material that already exists on site and costs nothing to manufacture – earth (dirt).  Earth is a natural insulator - it has an R-value of .33 per inch when dry.  When compared to fiberglass insulation, it takes 36″ of earth to equal the R-vaule of a wall composed of 3″ of fiberglass and 1/2″ plywood siding (R-value = 11.25).  This is not mind boggling on its own – however, add the two together and you get an R-value of 22.5!  Ecotecture and Green ideas should involve the use of earth as an insulator.  When coupled with recycled forms of insulation, it can greatly enhance heat loss through walls and the roof.  We should be using dirt below the windows, bury non-living space rooms & the garage, and install living roofs that can be used as exterior living spaces.  When earth is used in this manner, architecture becomes ecotecture.