Artistan Wind Turbine

The war on ‘Green means ugly’ has been brought to the wind generation front!  Plus, the U.S. Federal Tax Credit foots 30% of the cost with no cap!  A multitude of companies offer products that are both elegant and excellent sources of wind power.    These wind turbines can be integrated into either new designs or used for Green renovations on existing buildings.  The Swedish-built Energy Ball is a beautiful example of an artisan wind generator.  It is availabe in .5kW model that measures 43″ in diameter and a 2.5kW model that measures 78″.  Another great example is the Swift rotary turbine that offers 1.5kW’s of power.  Although the rotary design is not as elegant as the Energy Ball, this turbine is more elegant than a standard rotatry turbine.  The ultimate marriage of contemporary, sustainable designs and wind generation is exemplified by the Aerotecture International  products.  This is the type of integration of Green concepts into architecture that I describe on my Ecotecture Studios sustainablity page.  Green can be in harmony with beautiful homes!

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